We didn't plan to go on shows with Shorty. Even he had (and still has) expressive show character when he was just a little puppy.
My neighbour who has much experience with shows, first time she saw Shorty, said to me that he will have great ''show career''. Like I believed it! But it soon showed that I was wrong. We went to CACIB Zagreb and Shorty was very perspective. That means something, doesn't it?! I was completely beginer in all that stuff but I was really proud on my little boy.
As we were going on more and more shows, we realize that we don't have ''just'' a pet, but really good show dog.
And it isn't over for us...our time has just come...

     Shorty is Junior Croatian Champion and Croatian Club Winner!!!


CACIB Zagreb, 24.11.2007. (judge: Nenad Jagodić) - very perspective I, BOB puppy

CACIB Zadar, 04.05.2008. (judge: Zlatko Kraljić) - exc. 5
CAC Velika Gorica, 01.06.2008. (judge: Velimir Sruk) - exc. 5, Junior Winner, JBOB, BOB
CAC Vukovar, 13.09.2008. (judge: Refet Hadžić) - exc. 5, Junior Winner, JBOB, BOB

CACIB Osijek, 14.09.2008. (judge: Mijo Fury) - exc. 5, Junior Winner, JBOB, BOB
Special Dog Show, 28.11.2008. (judge: Erwin Deutscher) - exc. 5, CAC, 2. best male

CACIB Zagreb, 29.11.2008 (judge: Marina Bianchi Ciarlo) -
exc. 5, RCAC

CACIB Zagreb, 30.11.2008. (judge: Andrzej Mania) - exc. 5, RCAC
CACIB Zagreb, 28.02.2009. (judge: Eeva Resko) - exc. 5, CAC

CACIB Varaždin
, 23.05.2009. (judge: Zlatko Kraljić) - exc. 5, CAC, CACIB, BOB

CAC Samobor
, 29.08.2009. (judge: Mario Migliarini) -
exc. 5, CAC, BOB

World Dog Show Bratislava, 09.10.2009. (judge: Podesta Ramon) - exc. 5

Special Dog Show
, 20.11.2009. (judge: Claudio de Giuliani) - exc. 5, CAC, Club Winner, BOB

CACIB Zagreb, 22.11.2009. (judge: Dorota Witkowska) - exc. 5, CAC

CACIB Zagreb, 28.02.2010. (judge: Dalibor Pešutić) - exc. 5, CAC

CACIB Varaždin, 20.06.2010. (judge: Nenad Jagodić) - exc. 5, CAC, CACIB, BOS

CAC Sinj, 07.08.2010.  - exc. 5, CAC, BOB, BOG3!
                                                                                                                    photo by: D. Milanović (www.kd-sinj.com)