About Shorty -  He's pretty much everything you can wish in a dog...

Shorty is a little crazy beagle born 19.05.2007 in ''ELMER FUDD'S'' kennel in Split. His full name is ELMER FUDD'S JULES RULES and he definitely rules in our home.

His parents are:
                                         DARAGOJ WINSTON

was born on 25th of August 2000 in Finland, in one of the best beagle kennels in the world (http://www.daragoj.net). Now he lives in Austria (www.beagles.at).

                 Ch CRO, JCh Cro BRITY OŠTRA LUKA

was born on 26th of March 2004 in Dalj, near Osijek. Now she enjoys living her life in Split, Croatia with her owners and her beagle friend Kali.
(show results: 3 x JUNIOR WINNER, 6 x CAC, 3 x RCAC, 2 x CACIB, 1 x RCACIB, 1 x BOB, 1 x BOG3, 1 x 2.NLP*, 1 x 3.NLP* --> *best hunting dog ) 

                                           PEDIGREE   (click picture to enlarge it)


                                                                                       And it all begin with this:
                                                 ...two months later (19th May) 5 puppies (4 male & 1 female) were born....
                                                                             ...the smallest one was my Shorty...
                                              ...since 26th August he lives with us, his owners - family Librenjak, in Zagreb 
                                                                         where he enjoys long walks with his friends...
                                                                                               (more --> HERE)
 It wasn't in our plan to go to the shows with him,
 but we went on one CACIB Zagreb when he was a puppy and everything started there.
Now he is Junior Champion of Croatia & Croatian Club Winner !!!
He also opened Croatian Championship.
(more --> HERE)
                                                                  He is available at stud to suitable females! 
(his offspring --> HERE)
      He likes to sniff and explore like a little ''hunter''.
        He passed Basic hunting test (IPO).